Going Batty

Posted by Matthew Mullen on

New advancement in gesture-based gaming

On October 27, 2011 the PBS KIDS GO! team launched the gesture-based game GOING BATTY (http://pbskids.org/wildkratts/games/going-batty/) for the hit children's television series Wild Kratts. The web-based Flash game was created and developed under the PBS KIDS GO! grant and uses your computers camera as a controller for gameplay. This style of motion-detection gaming and the technology to support it was already out in the market, but the PBS KIDS GO! team needed a more accurate way of detecting motion. In searching for this solution the team took development in-house and in turn ended up refining previously available ActionScript motion detecting classes.

Renzo Olguin, Flash Developer for PBS KIDS Interactive, lead the tech development for this project and explains in his paper, "Center of Motion Detection for Gesture-Based Games" the steps he took to more accurately and effectively detect motion using ActionScript. This paper is available for download below.

Attachment: Center of Motion Detection For Gesture Based Games by Renzo Olguin