Welcome to OpenPBS

Here you will find information about the projects and tools created by the development team at PBS Digital, which is the division of PBS responsible for the technologies that run pbs.org and the video portal, the underlying infrastructure for most of the PBS producer sites, APIs, and open applications.

On this site you will find:

  • A blog that covers our activities and how we use new technologies
  • Links to source code that we maintain and use
  • A forum for PBS Digital stakeholders to collaborate and ask questions about how to use our products and tools

Latest Posts

Pycon 2013 - This Old Video Site: How PBS streams video - and you can too!
Pycon 2013 - This Old Video Site: How PBS streams video - and you can too!

Learn how PBS uses python and other services to provide video streaming online, as well as recommendations for others to easily adopt similar practices and host their own video site. How PBS streams video - and you can too!

pycaption: PBS's open-source caption converter

Closed captioning is a hot topic for video producers. To better align with PBS's mission statement and comply with new legal requirements, we present the newest offering for the open-source community: pycaption.

Localization Webinar

Learn about the data import process, sources used, the new algorithm, and API exploration and testing tools.

Using Python to access Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF)

I started experimenting using Python and boto to start communicating with Amazon Web Services' new Simple Workflow (SWF). So I wanted to share some of the examples.

2012 AWS Summit

I had the unique opportunity to share the stage with Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO for Amazon, at yesterday's AWS Summit held in NYC.

Going Batty

On October 27, 2011 the PBS KIDS GO! team launched the gesture-based game GOING BATTY for the hit children's television series Wild Kratts.